Gori Voice Studios, LLC

Studio Policies & Fees

1. Fees and Payment Schedule:

Payment Options:  We accept cash, personal checks, credit and debit cards, and bank transfers.  Please make all checks payable to Gori Voice Studios, LLC.   Credit and debit card payments are available through our online system for an additional 3% convenience fee.   Bank transfers are available through the online system for an $5 per transaction.

Trial lesson/Consultation: $100 for one hour. If a student opts to enroll in the remainder of the semester within two weeks of the trial lesson, the student will receive a credit of $25. This credit will be applied toward the balance due for the remainder of the semester.

Individual lessons: $90 for one hour. Individual lessons will be available when the teacher has an open time slot, and may be booked up to but no more than two weeks in advance of the lesson date. Payment is due at the time of the lesson. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance; otherwise the full fee will be due. (See 3.a. below.)

Semester plans: These are prepaid package plans which offer a discount from the individual lesson rate.  Under our semester plans, you reserve a specific time slot for an entire semester. 

Fall and Spring: The Fall and Spring Semester programs consist of 16 lessons plus one Studio Class.  Studio Classes are offered toward the end of each semester. (Non-semester students may register for the Studio Class at the individual lesson rate.)

Semester Plan Fees:

16 x 60 minute lessons plus class: $1,220.

16 x 45 minute lessons plus class: $1,020.

16 x 30 minute lessons plus class: $ 820.

Payment is due at the beginning of each semester, unless other arrangements have been made.

Half-semester Package Plan:  This option is suggested only for established students of singing, and includes 8 lessons plus studio class. Contact us for details.

Summer: During the summer months, we offer a more flexible plan so that you can plan around work, vacation and camp schedules. A Summer semester plan will consist of 5 or more lessons, the dates of which must set at the beginning of the semester.  All plans must be prepaid and include one make-up privilege if 24 hours notice of the impending absence is given.

Summer Fees:

60 minute lessons: $75 per session x 5 (or more)

45 minute lessons: $62.50 per session x 5 (or more)

30 minute lessons: $50 per session x 5 (or more)

2. Student Sickness Policy: In order to protect the health of both teachers and your fellow students, we ask that students with communicable illnesses not come to lessons; if you arrive at a lesson with a communicable illness, you will be sent home. If you are unsure as to whether you are communicable or will be sufficiently recovered in time for an upcoming lesson, please call us to discuss your situation.

 3.Student Cancellations and make-ups:   
a. Individual lessons must be cancelled by the student at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid being charged for the lesson time.
b. Fall and Spring Semester Plan students may make up three private lessons per semester (one lesson for Summer Semester Plan students), provided that you notify us of your impending absence at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson.  Lessons missed with less than 24-hours’ notice are not eligible for make-up.  All make-up lessons must be scheduled through the online Student Portal.

4. Teacher Absence:

a. If we must cancel a lesson due to professional obligation, teacher illness or emergencies on our part, we will give you an extra make-up credit for that lesson.

b. If we are aware at the start of the semester that we will be unable to meet with you at your regular weekly time during certain weeks due to professional obligations, we will offer you the option to prorate your semester fee to reflect the number of available lessons. Your contract will reflect the prorated fee.

c. In case of inclement weather, please call to see if we are teaching; we do not follow the Montgomery County Schools weather schedule.

5.Scheduling Make-up Lessons (Semester Plan students):
a.Students will be responsible for scheduling their own make-ups through the online Student Portal.  The online Portal will show you any open time slots in a given week.
b.During the Fall and Spring Semesters, we will offer extra days specifically for make-up lessons.
c.To reschedule a make-up lesson, you must give notice through the Portal at least 24 hours in advance.  A missed make-up lesson cannot be made up.
d.All make-up lessons for Student Absences must be completed by the end of the current semester.

6. Student Requirements:

a. Practice: Regular practice of the exercises and repertoire covered in each weekly lesson is absolutely essential in order to habituate that which we are teaching you so that you can advance in your singing skills. Practicing along with a recording of each lesson is a very easy way to do this. We also can negotiate a “practice contract” with you, agreeing upon amount of time for warm-ups, technical exercises, and repertoire study. The amount of time suggested for each subject will depend upon your goals for your singing.

b. Lesson recording: For study purposes, we require that our students either record their lessons on CD-R or other recording media OR keep a notebook/journal of exercises and technical points discussed at each lesson. These materials will aid you during your personal practice sessions, and thus will help you make faster progress.

c. Scores and Books: You are expected to purchase your own copies of music and books.

d. Practice materials: You must have access to a pitch-producing instrument (preferably piano or electronic keyboard) for obtaining starting pitches for exercises and learning your own music parts.

e. Accompanists: Playing complex piano accompaniments can distract a teacher’s attention from a student’s singing. If working on repertoire with challenging accompaniment, we strongly recommend that you provide your own accompanist or accompaniment recordings so that we can stay focused on helping you technically with the vocal demands of the piece.

7. Student Prerequisites:

a. Ability to read music, preferably learned through previous or concurrent study of another melodic instrument, such as piano.

b. Reasonable physical health: You must be capable of light aerobic activities, and in particular not be under any major restrictions concerning movement of your spine or head.

c. For our regular program, age 13 or up, with appropriate ability to concentrate and focus on self-awareness. 

d. For younger students, we offer a program combining age-appropriate vocal skills and repertoire with basic musicianship training.  Students must know how to read, be able to maintain focus during a 30-minute lesson, and must be self-motivated.  Parents are required to attend these lessons.

8. Refund Policy:

a. We will not issue refunds for tuition paid except in case of severe illness or death of the student or an immediate family member.

b. In any case, there will be no refunds for past lessons, regardless of whether the student attended the lesson or not.

9. Disclaimers:

a. We are vocal technique teachers, trained in vocal pedagogy and style. We do not represent ourselves to be agents, Alexander Technique  or yoga teachers, physical therapists, professional accompanists, or vocal coaches. We are happy to share knowledge in these areas which we have gleaned over our years of study and experience, but when more in-depth information is required, may refer students to professionals with expertise in these areas.

b. If we feel that a student is showing signs of a serious vocal health problem or injury to the vocal mechanism, we reserve the right to refuse to continue lessons with the student until after a qualified otolaryngologist or speech pathologist has been consulted by the student, and the student has received permission to continue vocal study from said medical professional.

10. Benefits/Perqs:

a. As professional musicians in the Washington DC Metro area, we sometimes receive access to free or discount tickets to musical events. Because we believe that seeing and hearing good quality musical performances is an essential part of your vocal education, we will make every effort to share such offers with you.

b. Since we are both members of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, students may participate in the annual Maryland-DC NATS Adjudication Auditions. (These are held in late February-early March, so if you are interested, please let us know no later than December 1 of the previous semester so that we can help you prepare appropriate repertoire.)

c. Our semi-annual Studio Classes are held with both teachers in attendance, so that you may gain the advantage of the other teacher’s perspective and knowledge. You also may make arrangements to have an additional lesson with the other teacher, or trade a lesson with another student who has a regular time slot with the other teacher for the same reason.