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Body Alignment Tips for Choral Singers

By Aurelius Gori, D.M.A.

If you find it uncomfortable to stand while singing, or if your breathing becomes difficult, you probably could benefit from some improvement in your overall body alignment. During long rehearsals, we all have occasionally found ourselves slouching, slumping into our chairs, or crossing our legs. Afterwards our voices feel tired, or worse yet, hoarse. A simple remedy for these problems is for us to become more familiar with our individual body alignment and to take certain simple steps to improve it. These ideas are not meant as cure-alls. Some individuals with specific body tension problems, alignment difficulties or other ailments certainly need much more sophisticated help from body work specialists or medical care. However, I have found that small adjustments in body alignment for singing have been among the most effective and successful methods that I have used over the years when teaching my voice students....

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10 Top Tips for Surviving your School’s Tech Week

By Grace Gori, M.M. and Aurelius Gori, D.M.A.

It’s a fact of life in the theater world: after weeks or even months of rehearsing and right before the show opens, comes the most exciting, exhausting, nerve-wracking part of the process: Tech Week, when all the elements of the production – acting, singing, dancing, sets, lighting, costumes, make-up, and all else – must mesh together like the gears of a precision clock.

For high school students who must keep up school work in addition to their show duties, this time can be particularly challenging. ...
As vocal teachers and performers ourselves, we’d like to share our top tips for making it to the Finish Line – Opening Night! – with your health and your voice intact.  (This list is written with teens in mind, but adult performers, whether amateur or professional, can adapt these suggestions as well.)

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