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Fall 2019 REgistration

is now under way! 

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New this Fall:  Be A Sing-Splorer!

Our new curriculum for kids ages 8 - 11 offers an introduction to music lessons

via 30-minute weekly lessons featuring the voice as the primary instrument.

Students will:

* learn about how our bodies make our voice

*  explore making different kinds of colors of vocal sounds

*learn how to keep the voice healthy no matter what style of music

* sing fun, age-appropriate repertoire

* learn the fundamentals of reading music



Welcome to Gori Voice Studios, LLC,conveniently located in Kensington, Maryland. We have offered singing lessons in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area for over 18 years,  helping our students from teens to seniors to shine in their singing, improve their communication skills and even to find greater self-confidence and fulfillment.

We provide personalized voice lessons in a warm and supportive environment in which you will have the freedom to explore the full potential of your voice in a comfortable and flexible manner.

Our expert vocal instruction embraces the best of the classical Bel Canto tradition and modern voice science in order to help our students sing in styles ranging from classical early music to modern styles like Broadway and Pop.  We also work with students on improving their understanding and use of their speaking voice.


We offer a well-equipped studio, inside information about musical performances and opportunities in the Washington DC area, and the benefit of over 30 years  combined musical study and performance. Our Semester Program includes two Studio Classes and public recitals. Our students also have the opportunity to participate in the National Association of Teachers of Singing Maryland-DC Chapter annual adjudications as well as other local competitions.

Our Mission

Our mission at Gori Voice Studios, LLC is to help our students discover how to use their voices with the greatest ease, freedom and joy, so that they can present themselves with confidence in speech and song.  We are committed to helping singers of all ages achieve vocal health, beauty and freedom in all styles of music.

Our Philosophy:

Here at Gori Voice Studios, we offer two different styles of teaching, sharing one philosophy:  We believe that any student can improve his or her singing and speaking through learning how the voice works and developing healthy voice technique.  

Each student comes to vocal training with his or her own unique instrument, musical background, and physical challenges.  During your lessons with us, we will work in collaboration with you to help you gain a better understanding of your voice's function in both speaking and singing and to develop the skills necessary to find maximum ease and freedom when using your voice. 

At Gori Voice Studios, LLC, voice technique means developing the physical skills of healthy singing, then turning those skills into reflexive habits within yourself.  By internalizing good vocal habits, you will find your healthy, natural and balanced voice.  We will help you learn how to monitor your voice and show you step-by-step how to learn your music so that ultimately you can become your own "teacher".   We want to help you find greater beauty, expressivity and enjoyment of the singing and speaking experience both now and throughout your life.

No matter what style of music you're singing, we can help you do it with more ease, freedom,  joy and confidence;

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